Dippi Delivery

Founded in Birmingham, AL by a lawyer and a rocket scientist, Dippi is the first delivery service of its kind in the state of Alabama. Born and raised in the state, our founders strove to form a company that would provide Alabamians with the best delivery service in the country.

As of October 1, 2021, alcohol delivery will be legal in the state of Alabama. Consequently, customers can now choose to have beer, wine, and spirits delivered to their homes.​

We are an e-commerce platform for connecting customers to their local retailers and delivering customers’ favorite alcohol brands to their doorstep. We partner with some of the largest retailers in the state to offer our customers a wide variety of beer, wine, and spirits. Dippi customers can expect fast, on time service with a smile. We believe that alcohol is a social experience. As a result, we aim to foster a social environment for our customers by providing them with features designed to enhance their experience.

You may be asking yourself the question, "What are the origins of the name Dippi?" Well, the name "Dippi" is derived from the Athenian courier Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens to be the first to announce victory at the Battle of Marathon. In much the same way, Dippi is the first alcohol delivery company in the state of Alabama, and we strive to deliver first class service to all our customers.